Lodging Solutions & Modular Housing

Federal Lodging Solutions provides turnkey housing for your team. From corporate housing in capital cities to base support or remote work camps, we provide comfortable, secure housing solutions at a fraction of hotel costs. Our housing solutions are scalable to your organization's unique requirements.


Federal Lodging Solutions specializes in full logistic operations from dock to door. We have proven experience providing world-class logistic support to business and government operations worldwide including the following

Line haul transport.

Port operations.

Field supply transport.

Base camp design Set-up, and operations of Catering services.

Conference support.

Airport expedites services Containerized housing units (CHU'S) Air charter and lease services.

Security Services

Federal Lodging Solutions can provide a range of expert security services, including tracking devices, remote cameras, deployed security teams, security assessments, and network and IT security solutions. We have a solution that fits your needs. Our staff members have a background with some of the world's most respected military organizations and commercial industries. They have the knowledge and drive to keep you and your operation safe and secure

Rental Vehicles

Federal Lodging Solutions recognizes our client's needs go beyond simply leasing vehicles. We provide reliable drivers with local knowledge and proven safety records. Our vehicles consist of well-maintained Land Cruiser SUVs, Toyota Pickups, mini-buses, and larger trucks. We tailor our services to fit your organization’s needs from single vehicles to fleet management, we stand prepared to assist you in any way, day or night, to accomplish your teams' missions.


Federal Lodging Solutions provides US Embassy-vetted interpreters with extensive local knowledge to not only translate for you but to set the conditions for successful engage- ments with local customers and counterparts. With a varied background and professional expertise developed while work- ing with military units, NGOs, government officials, and busi- nesses, they come highly recommended.